Dear visitors! I am glad to welcome you on our site on which you can be diped in the huge world of tomatos. We are engaged in a collecting and test of various kinds of tomatos more than 15 years. For these years we managed to grow and test more than 6000 varietys. Today nobody knows and cannot is exact to name figure of varietys of an tomatoes existing all over the world. And every year there are many new varietys. So we together with you, are expected by many searches and discovering’s in the world of tomatoes. Every year we to discharges the new check list of seeds into which enter also well-known, for a long time the fallen in love varietys of tomatoes, and the varietys new to us who have seemed to us interesting, worthy and your attention. Therefore watch our innovations on a site. We aspire to improve outward and the maintenance our check list. The Check list of seeds of tomatoes 2022-2023 which totals more than 1500 varietys is presented your attention.

To download out the check list in Russian it is possible under this link:

Click to download Catalogue 2022-2023

I wish you pleasant viewing, and successful searches of your new favorites, your ideal varietys!

Mailing of seeds is carried out not only for our Ukrainian clients, but also in other countries, where at us many old friends and occur every year the new. I am sincerely grateful to all for the sent responses, wishes and letters. I am sorry that I can not answer in details to everyone, it is physically impossible! Since 2015 mailing of seeds is manufactured year-roundly, instead of as before, from November, 1st till April, 10th. The order of seeds under the current Check list will descend until there is a new Check list, with novelties of a following season (work on search and buying of seeds of new varietys is already conducted). Thus orders under the old check list as will be carried out.

How to make the order and to pay, it is in detail described in the check list. In the same place you can find other explanatory information.

Bountiful harvests to you !!! Best regards, Alexey Kulik.